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    A Business Productivity Solution that do Wonders for your wellness Studio

    Accept Online Bookings

    Accept online bookings through personalized mobile apps or integrate with your existing website

    Push Notifications / Automated Reminder

    Automated reminders to staff and clients whenever appointments are booked, cancelled or rescheduled.

    Accept Online Payments

    Accept online payments upon booking through a range of payment processors like PayPal, Stripe and more.

    Integration & API

    Booking widgets for WordPress and other CMS systems.

    Marketing tool

    With integrated Email, SMS, Social media marketing tool now you can easily share your offers, achievements, and special moments with your clients and increase business multifold.

    Multiple Location

    You can have multiple service locations and assign staff to those different locations and clients book respectively.

    Integrated Ecommerce

    Get your own fracture enriched e-commerce store for your business studio. It integrates within the solution and using the inbuilt inventory management tool, you can manage you’re your studio products. With a one click publish and share product feature, it is a true companion for your day to day studio business.

    Branded Mobile Apps

    Make your trainer – client engagement more personal with branded mobile apps.Unleash the power of your own published iOS & Android Apps for your trainers and clients.

    Scheduling & Booking

    Engage your clients for self-booking through an embedded calendar. Encourage them to use the ease of online payment and you can manage everything on the go.

    Trainer/Teacher/Staff Profile

    Enhanced social interaction for your clients with beautifully designed public profile for your trainers, teachers or staffs. That’s earning confidence.

    Easy Payment Processing

    Choose your own payment options with localized payment processing integrations.Bespoken customization available for your favorite payment processing integration. You ask it and we will do it.

    Commission and Payroll

    Customize your commission and payroll as per your business requirements.No need for additional commission and payroll management application. Works in-house with your own sales & commission structure. And that is awesome.


    Advance Reporting

    Automated reporting to envisage all your business ups and downs at a glance.Your business performances are always in front of you with easy to use reporting integrations. Pretty much whatever you may wish for.

    Book anywhere

    Clients can schedule appointments via the web using any device, anywhere and at any time.


    Email & SMS reminders & automatic booking confirmation notifications to help your clients to show up on time.

    Recurring Bookings

    Easily schedule recurring appointments and get reminded before each appointment.

    Easy to cancel

    Clients can cancel appointments which is always better than people not showing up! You can define cancellation terms.

    Group Bookings

    Schedule a booking for a whole group at once and pay upfront if required.